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Moving workspace

So, I’m having a bit of a problem sorting out workspace issues. When we moved into the new house, my first thought was to work in the basement where I’d have plenty of room to spread out and nobody would be wandering through while I work. Unfortunately, there’s very little light down there and even with lamps it’s just gloomy.

When it got warm, I moved things out to our enclosed front porch figuring I could take advantage of the nice weather, but mosquitoes and the heat have begun to be a problem,  not to mention that I’d have to move when the weather got cold anyway. So now, I’m arranging storage in the dining room so I can work there and just put things away at mealtimes. At least, that will work until I figure out a better option. We’ve talked about putting a floor down in the attic and looking into using it as my studio, but it gets very hot up there as well, so I’m not certain it would work. For the moment, the dining room works well, and I’ll keep working on other options.

I am still working on new paintings and videos, which I will continue posting as I get them finished. My most recent is a multiple mandala piece done in rainbow colors on a black background. I am fairly pleased with how it turned out, though there are a few differences that I’d like to experiment with on later pieces.