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Night Market

painted mandala

The Night Market starts this Thursday, downtown. Though I wasn’t able to sign up as a seasonal vendor, I did submit the paperwork to take part as a week to week vendor. I’m planning to be there selling my tote bags, paintings and jewelry. If things go well, then I’ll probably sign up as a seasonal vendor there next year as well.

I’m currently working on a few new items as well. I’ve got two beautiful mandalas painted on acrylic paper and framed in 12×12 frames which will be available on Thursday. I also will be adding some more resin items over the next few weeks.

Things have been busy around the house, so I haven’t been able to get any more videos recorded, but I am planning to sit down and record at some point this week. Please leave a comment if there’s anything you’d like to see on a video.


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New projects, looking forward to spring

Since the end of last summer’s market season, we’ve had a lot going on. Just after the end of the market, we ended up moving to a new house, which included a large area for work space. Though I’m not set up for resin casting yet, I have been working on my mandalas and have begun a project to draw enough of them to make a coloring book.

Just before Christmas, I fell on the ice and broke my shoulder. It had me a bit stressed about whether I’d be physically able to prepare for market season this year. Luckily, I’m beginning physical therapy now, with enough time to build up my inventory and figure out an easy set-up idea for my booth.

I’m actually going to be stepping away from the resin casting a bit this year, though I will still have those items available for order if someone wants one.  I’m going to be focusing on my airbrushing and mandalas, though. So far, I have canvas totes and flour sack towels to paint with a variety of sayings or my mandalas.